Mar 01, 2011

NGWA Webinar Will Cover Fundamentals of Stable Isotopes in Hydrology

Course will focus on oxygen-18 and deuterium's role in groundwater

The National Ground Water Assn. will offer a webinar on oxygen-18 and deuterium in precipitation and groundwater on April 12 at 11 a.m.

This webinar is part of the “Tuesdays with Ian, A Practitioner’s Guide to Isotope Hydrology” series presented by Ian Clark, Ph.D., professor of isotope hydrology at the University of Ottawa in Canada.

Stable isotopes are increasingly used to trace groundwater flow paths and recharge origin, and have become a fundamental tool for professionals involved in groundwater resource evaluation and contamination projects. New laser spectroscopy instruments can provide abundant isotope data both quickly and economically.

This webinar goes over the fundamentals of stable isotopes in hydrogeology, presenting basic theory of isotope portioning in the hydrological cycle and a selection of case studies to emphasize the following concepts:

• Oxygen-18 and deuterium’s role in the hydrological cycle;
• Presence of primary and secondary isotope “signatures” in meteoric waters;
• Groundwater recharge and mixing; and
• Sampling and analysis of oxygen-18 and deuterium.

Presented at a level appropriate for all groundwater professionals, this webinar will be especially beneficial for environmental consultants, consulting engineers, geologists and water supply engineers. Some education in university-level chemistry and/or geochemistry will be helpful.