Apr 15, 2016

NGWREF Awards Scholarships

$25,000 doled out to 12 students studying groundwater-related fields

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The National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation awarded $25,000 from its Len Assante Scholarship Fund to 12 students.

Each of the scholarship recipients will ener a field of study to serve, support or promote groundwater professions.

Frederick Mierow of Dripping Springs, Texas, received the Past President’s Award—the top scholarship presented to the most qualified of the applicants. Mierow, who received $4,000, will study geography with a water resources concentration at Texas State University.

Sarah Vitale of Manchester, Conn., and Kendall Karcher of Satellite Beach, Flo., both received a $3,500 Ora Lyons Award. Vitale is working on her doctorate in hydrogeology at the University of Connecticut; Karcher will study environmental science at Florida Gulf Coast University in the fall.

Jay Kim of Kalamazoo, Mich., received the first Richard Haderer Award of $3,000. Kim is working on his master’s degree in glacial geology and hydrogeology at Western Michigan University. The Haderer Scholarship was established in 2016 by Paul Haderer in honor of his late brother, Richard.

The other scholarship recipients, their areas of study, and schools, are:

  • Rebecca Anderson of Columbus, Ohio, Earth science, Ohio State University, $1,000;
  • Ian Beckley of Batavia, Ill., environmental science, undecided, $1,000;
  • Nicholas Budde of Albany, Minn., hydrology, St. Cloud State University, $1,000;
  • Joy Kiefer of Kalamazoo, Mich., geosciences, Western Michigan University, $1,000;
  • Benjamin Magnin of Terre Haute, Ind., geology, undecided, $2,500;
  • Gary McGaughey of Kennewick, Wash., geological engineering, University of Nevada, Reno, $1,000;
  • Kayla Moore of Oak Lake, Manitoba, civil engineering/groundwater, University of Manitoba, $2,500;
  • and Julia Reese of Deary, Idaho, civil engineering/water resources, University of Idaho, $1,000.