Norman Goes with the Flow

RJN Group, Inc. is performing flow monitoring services for the Norman Utilities Authority in Norman, Okla. The project includes eight additional meters to be incorporated into the utility’s existing sewer billing network for a total of 18 meters.

The project began in April, 2005 and is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.

RJN provides public works engineering and information technology services for the development, maintenance, and management of municipal infrastructure systems including sewer, water, drainage, roads, bridges, and in addition, GIS services.

Projects include engineering studies, preliminary and detailed design, construction engineering, and maintenance management. The firm provides the CASS WORKS family of software products for tracking of asset inventories, maintenance activity, physical inspection and histories, and related management systems. RJN also provides CASSView, a GIS deployment tool providing direct access to GIS, CASS WORKS, and other related data.


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