Jan 24, 2017

North Star Rebrands Company

Company now known as North Star Water Treatment Systems

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North Star Water Treatment Systems rebranded the company, including updating the its image and logo. The company had been known as North Star Water Conditioning since its inception in 1992.

“We felt it was high time for our brand to better convey our modern technology and broader product portfolio,” said Dave Duren, director of sales and marketing for North Star Water Treatment Systems. “Our old branding was too limiting and didn’t properly reflect the advanced technologies built into our products. And while plumbers and wholesalers have enjoyed our point-of-entry water softeners for many years, they haven’t always been aware that we also offer a dramatically expanding line of drinking water filtration and other products.”

The company plans to launch more than 50 new SKUs during the first six months of the year, including new POU filtration products, in-line whole-home filtration and a new commercial water softener line, among others. The products will launch in phases beginning in February 2017.

“The plumbing channel has always loved our cutting-edge products and asked us to develop a broader line. We are answering their request in a major way,” Duren said. Wholesalers, contractors and consumers will see the new branding replace the older logos and images throughout the next few months.

“We’re upgrading our product packaging, marketing collateral, website, you name it,” Duren said. “We want everyone to know us as North Star Water Treatment Systems and recognize our longevity and reliability.”

Located in Woodbury, Minn., North Star Water Treatment Systems is a member of the Marmon Water family and part of Berkshire Hathaway. The company has been manufacturing water treatment products since 1925.