Northwest Pipe Company Announces Major Order

Northwest Pipe Company was named as pipe supplier to ERS Constructors of Sedalia, Colorado for approximately $9 million of welded steel pipe and fittings to East Cherry Creek Valley Water & Sanitary District.

The steel pipe and fittings are expected to be manufactured in the company's Denver, Colorado division. Delivery of the pipe is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2002 and complete within in the first quarter 2003. "We are delighted to provide pipe for this key project," said Brian Dunham, president and chief executive officer. "This helps fill our manufacturing schedule for the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, due to lead times on ordering steel, executing drawings and other preliminary activity, it will not help in the third quarter, during which we still have some open time in our schedule. We will use some of this time for maintenance and installation of our new mill in Texas."

Northwest Pipe Co.

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