NSF Expands its Global Certification Services to China

To offer new client services that support international commerce, NSF International announced the expansion of its global certification services to the People’s Republic of China after receiving approval of the establishment of NSF Shanghai Co., Ltd. from the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA).

Based on this approval, NSF Shanghai Co., Ltd., a joint venture between NSF International and Shanghai Audit Center of Quality System (SAC) was established. NSF Shanghai Co., Ltd. will fulfill a critical mandate required by the People’s Republic of China while also expediting the product exporting process for companies through NSF’s independent, third-party certification services.

“This key approval from CNCA allows NSF International to expand our global reach by providing certification services that streamline the import/export process for a range of international manufacturers of food and water products while continuing our commitment to protecting public health,” said NSF President and CEO Kevan P. Lawlor.

The CNCA approval covers a range of product categories, and allows NSF Shanghai to offer product certification services for: drinking water treatment units; food equipment; plumbing system components such as mechanical plumbing and plastic piping system components; water treatment and distribution systems; pool and spa equipment; and management systems registrations.

Approval of NSF Shanghai’s role as an independent certification organization is part of the Chinese government’s overall strategy to offer a formal system of approval for foreign companies conducting certification business in the People’s Republic of China. As of Nov. 1, 2003, the Chinese government required that all certification bodies operating in China must be approved by CNCA.

“After receiving approval from CNCA last May, NSF Shanghai began providing management system registration services,” said NSF Shanghai Co., Ltd. General Manager Jan Sun. “With experienced auditors on our team and assistance in acquisition from SAC, we are now ready to expand our local competence in product certification by facilitating the certification process for clients in China and providing expertise locally with a team who speaks their language and understands their needs.”

NSF has a team of trained and qualified professionals to assist manufacturers throughout the entire certification process, including offering technical assistance, facility audits, coordination, laboratory testing and follow-up. Organizations that meet all certification requirements will bear the NSF Mark on their product label.

“By combining our history of standards development and product certification with our new joint venture in Shanghai, NSF can provide updates on compliance requirements and conformity assessment issues that companies need to be aware of to fulfill government requirements,” said Lori Bestervelt, PhD, NSF senior vice president and chief technical officer. “As more companies conduct business in the People’s Republic of China, we will leverage our unique expertise to provide certification solutions that meet the rapidly changing needs of international businesses.”

For more information on the certification services now offered by NSF, please visit www.nsf.org or contact Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Lori Bestervelt, PhD, at [email protected] or 734.769.5345.


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