NSF International Announces New Director of Sustainability

NSF International has appointed Malcolm Fox as director of sustainability programs. Climate change poses many challenges and risks to businesses worldwide. As director of NSF International’s Sustainability Programs, Fox can help companies mitigate these risks by measuring and managing carbon emissions and their potential costs.

NSF International’s Sustainability Programs are designed to eliminate confusion in the marketplace by creating credible and transparent sustainability services. NSF’s sustainability services include standards development and certification for sustainable products, greenhouse gas verification and environmental footprinting. Companies that achieve certification through NSF International are able to substantiate carbon emission and product claims through an independent, third-party organization.

Fox has more than 20 years of experience in environmental management and governance programs for major manufacturers and their global supply chains. He has worked as an environmental consultant in North America and Europe, concentrating on issues related to corporate environmental compliance, performance, and governance. He founded two companies specializing in supply chain management and automotive compliance in the US and UK, and is the former president of the Michigan Association of Environmental Professionals.

Fox was appointed Director of NSF International’s Sustainability Program after previously serving as Vice President of Trucost North America, a leading environmental data provider. Fox played a key role in the NSF International/Trucost alliance, where he managed the integration of Trucost’s environmental footprinting capabilities into NSF International's existing portfolio of sustainability services.

“There is pressure on U.S. businesses to execute and maintain sustainable operations and offer green products and services. Increasingly, consumers are demanding greater transparency and independent verification of corporate social responsibility reporting and environmental claims made by manufactures and retailers,” said Kevan P. Lawlor, NSF International president and CEO. “Using both his financial and environmental expertise, Malcolm can provide businesses with strategic solutions on how to manage their environmental performance more effectively.”

Fox graduated from the Global Executive MBA program jointly run by Columbia and London Business Schools supplementing his undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Salford in England.


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