NSF Intl. Certifies First European Brass Manufacturers to New Low Lead Requirements

Certification of plumbing and drinking water products help protect the public from lead exposure

NSF Intl., a global public health and safety organization, announced that the following three Italian-based companies--K.M.E Brass S.R.L., S.A. Eredi Gnutti Metalli S.P.A., and Trafilerie Carlo Gnutti S.P.A.--are the first European brass manufacturers certified to NSF’s low lead content requirements for plumbing products (NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Annex G). The standard outlines the testing requirements for any product that comes into contact with drinking water to ensure the product does not contribute excessive levels of contaminants, including lead, to drinking water.

NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Annex G--Weighted Average Lead Content Evaluation Procedure to a 0.25 Percent Lead Requirement--was developed to help protect the public from exposure to lead by mandating a maximum weighted average lead content of less than or equal to 0.25% in products that come into contact with drinking water. The requirements for Annex G also include compliance with NSF/ANSI Standard 61, the American National Standard for drinking water products.

These lead requirements apply to manufacturers of faucets, valves, pipes, water fittings and any product that comes in contact with drinking water. Products made from an NSF-certified brass alloy require separate testing and certification to NSF 61, Annex G to ensure contamination does not occur during processing.

“NSF International developed NSF/ANSI 61, Annex G through a consensus-based process that included input from industry, regulators and other experts,” said Bob Ferguson, vice president of NSF Intl.’s Water Programs. “Annex G provides a means of evaluating and certifying low lead products to ensure they also comply with the National Standard. By achieving Annex G certification, these manufacturers can provide assurance to regulators, consumers and plumbing product manufacturers that these brass products have been tested and comply with the low lead requirements in various U.S. states.”

The three Italian companies that have achieved this certification are entitled to bear the NSF Annex G Certification Mark. All three companies are also listed on the NSF website to demonstrate compliance with the new requirements.

NSF Intl.

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