Mar 05, 2012

NSF Opens New Office in Germany for Beverage & Bottled Water Testing

Location will provide certification for Europe, Middle East and Africa

NSF Intl. opened a new office in Germany that will offer management systems registration (ISO) and certification services for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Strategically located in Oberursel, NSF Germany offers testing and certification services for the beverage, bottled water and packaged ice industries, among others.

Newly appointed NSF Technical Manager Dr. Ulrich August Kreuter will oversee all technical aspects of NSF's bottled water and beverage certification operations in the EMEA region. This includes managing all testing and certification, auditing and training services.

Kreuter has more than 20 years of technical and regulatory experience working with the bottled water and beverage industries on research and development projects and product development. He has conducted training on bottled water regulations, quality and treatment activities. He also has provided consulting services to multiple bottled water and beverage companies throughout EMEA.

Kreuter is a member of Watercoolers Europe (formerly the European Bottled Watercooler Assn.) Education & Audit Committee, the German Bottled Watercooler Assn., and the Hydrogeology Section of the German Geological Society. He holds a Ph.D. in natural science from the Technische Universität Berlin.

"Ulrich's beverage and bottled water expertise will enable NSF Intl. to better serve companies in the EMEA region and meet their testing and certification demands for beverage and food safety," said Mike Thomas, chief executive at NSF-CMi, an NSF Intl. Co. offering food safety certification, consulting, technical and risk management services across EMEA and Asia.

Kreuter will focus primarily on beverage and bottled water services, but the new NSF office in Germany also offers certification and sustainability solutions to the automotive, aerospace, metal, chemical, plastics, information technology, food, water, environmental and occupational health and safety industries.