NSF Publishes Guide to New European Standards for Drinking Water Treatment Systems

NSF International announced the availability of a new reference guide to help drinking water treatment system manufacturers understand the new European Committee for Standardization (CEN) Standards. NSF is the first organization to develop a comprehensive guide of this type and to provide multi-level testing and certification services to comply with the new European standards.

The new European standards have been in development since 1994, and NSF has participated in technical reviews and discussions during this process. Like the NSF/ANSI standards for drinking water treatment products, these standards cover a wide range of treatment technologies and contaminant reduction claims.

The NSF Guide to the European Standards for Drinking Water Treatment Units will assist manufacturers in their product design and development decisions, particularly for those selling in both the European and North American markets. The guide provides a detailed description of the new European standards, along with a comparison to the corresponding NSF/ANSI drinking water treatment unit (DWTU) standards, which include NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 44, 53, 55, 58 and 62. By reviewing this guide, manufacturers will learn:

- Which European standards apply to their product(s);

- The test methods and criteria of the European standards;

- Available performance claims that can be evaluated according to the European standards;

- How the European standards compare to the NSF/ANSI standards; and

- Available options by which manufacturers can claim product compliance with the European standards.

In support of manufacturers’ needs for demonstrating compliance with these new standards, NSF offers a series of testing and certification services, which include:

- Test Only with a complete test report issued by NSF to identify the performance of the product to the applicable European standard;

- Declaration of Conformance in the form of a signed certificate issued by NSF for products that demonstrate compliance with all requirements of the applicable European standard; and

- NSF Certification including use of the NSF Mark for those products that demonstrate compliance with all applicable European standard requirements and the corresponding NSF/ANSI standard requirements.

“NSF has published this valuable resource on the European market to better serve our certification clients who operate in the global marketplace. With this guide, we fulfill their need for information on critical developments in foreign markets and offer convenient testing and certification services to show compliance,” said Tom Bruursema, general manager, NSF Drinking Water Treatment Units Certification Program. “NSF is strongly committed to its role as The Public Health and Safety Company on a global scale.”


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