NSF Reorganizes to Focus on Key Markets

NSF International has announced its new strategic business alignment. NSF refocused its operations to correspond directly with the two major markets it serves-food and water.

The reorganization enables NSF to meet more efficiently the diverse risk-management needs of customers in the food and water industries. NSF is bundling all of its services, including product testing and certification, food safety audits, laboratory and toxicology consulting, education and regulatory services, into two comprehensive food and water departments. This comprehensive approach to customer service streamlines certification and other risk-management service processes.

Changes in NSF leadership target the food and water industries. All services delivered to the food sector are under the leadership of Kevan Lawlor, Senior Vice President, Food Safety. Programs include Food Safety, Food Equipment and Bottled Water. Mark Jost, Senior Vice President, Water Systems, is responsible for all services for the water sector. These include the Water Distribution Systems Program, the Drinking Water Treatment Unit Program, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Technology Verification Program and Environmental Research Services. The NSF reorganization places increased emphasis on new business development to address new public health and safety issues. Ray Jaglowski, Vice President, New Business Development, is responsible for the initiation and advancement of these new business opportunities. Current programs in this area include Dietary Supplements Certification, Nonfood Compounds Registration and Listing, and Residential Equipment Certification.

Dennis R. Mangino, Ph.D., NSF President and CEO, said, "The new customer service-driven philosophy enables NSF to form direct partnerships with leading corporations in the food and water sectors while providing customers with multiple solutions to their diverse public health needs. We look forward to a very ambitious and challenging year in sustaining the growth of NSF International as The Public Health and Safety Company(tm)."

NSF International

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