NSPF and NEHA Launch Online Certified Pool/Spa Inspector Training

Course focuses on how to minimize public health risks

There is a new online Certified Pool/Spa Inspector (CPI) training program and handbook launched jointly by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) and the National Environmental Health Assn. (NEHA). The course, available now at www.nspf.org and www.neha.org, is a national training program designed to help environmental health specialists to conduct effective pool and spa inspections and to minimize exposure to public health hazards. The online course expands upon and replaces the CPI training DVD introduced by both organizations in 2005. The CPI online training also provides an important component to the Pool & Spa Safety Act (P&SS Act) compliance training.

A recent study published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) compiled and analyzed data on aquatic facility operations and management from 15 regions in the U.S. Of the 121,020 health department pool inspections, 12.1% (13,532) were closed immediately due to severe violations.

Training highlights focus on understanding and minimizing public health hazards. The online course is designed to help environmental health specialists understand:

• Operation and maintenance practices that focus on reducing risk;
• The workings of the circulation system and its components;
• Procedures to evaluate a facility for P&SS Act compliance;
• The unique hazards of spas and the specific inspection needed to ensure safety;
• How to minimize recreational water illnesses;
• The ways that operations and maintenance records relate to an inspection;
• How aquatic play features have unique hazards and the specific inspection needs to ensure safety; and
• Swimming pool design standards and their impact on public health.

Those professionals who have an active Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO) certification may achieve CPI certification by completing the online CPI training program and passing the CPI exam.

The interactive, self-paced course features narration, images, video and exercises and can be completed in about two hours. In addition, online course registrants receive the accompanying handbook. Participants can register at www.nspf.org and click on online training, or at www.neha.org. The cost is $50 per student.

National Swimming Pool Foundation

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