Oct 02, 2014

NSPF Book Helps Put More People in Hot Water

The interactive book confirms health benefits of soaking in warm water

NSPF Interactive Book Hot Tub Benefits

The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) announced the release of a free digital book, Hot Water & Healthy Living, Gen 2.0. Previously published in print by the nonprofit organization, the new flipbook has an interactive format that makes information contained interesting and useful and easier to share.

“We believe people experience healthier lives with regular aquatic activity,” said Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D., CEO of NSPF. “We want everyone in the industry to access this free book and share it with prospects. This interactive book confirms all the health benefits — physical and emotional — people can enjoy, just by soaking in warm water."

Hot Water & Healthy Living, Gen. 2.0 reveals how 20 minutes a day soaking in warm water makes for healthier bodies, hearts, minds and lifestyles. The flipbook highlights the work of researchers, as it explains what, for centuries, people have wondered: Why do they feel so refreshed after immersing in a bath or hot tub?

Embedded links take readers directly to related content such as scientific videos and articles. The page-flipping format makes for simple navigation. Readers can return to pre-loaded pages, search content by keyword, print out the entire book or selected pages, and annotate text or shapes to highlight. The book can be shared via e-mail and social media with one click. A link to this sales tool can easily be placed on websites, and incorporated into lead generation outreach.

Authored by Jonathan B. “J.B.” Smith, Ed.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Hot Water & Healthy Living includes more than 25 sources of scholarly scientific research presented in a manner that is understandable by both experts and laypeople.

Dr. Bruce Becker, researcher at Washington State University, studied the effect that immersion in varying water temperatures — cool, neutral and warm — has on healthy adults. “After about 20 minutes, the central nervous system patterns of the subjects in warm water were essentially identical to those of people who are relaxed and focused. Other studies have found that it decreases depression and anxiety,” Becker said.

Hot Water & Healthy Living provides a thorough review of how the pressure and warmth of warm water immersion causes the heart to pump more blood, the chest to work harder to breathe, and the mind and body to relax. “The effects of aquatic immersion are profound, and impact virtually every body system,” Becker said.

From the convenience of a mobile device or computer, and even while soaking in a hot tub, “This new e-book shows potential buyers that immersing in a hot tub may be the easiest and safest way for even at-risk groups with limited exercise options to get their daily dose of heart and respiratory exercise,” Lachocki said.