Feb 04, 2014

NSPF Launches Online Training Course

Routine maintenance course for pool and spa service professionals and operators gives extra confidence

National Swimming Pool Foundation Field service Professional Training Course

A new online course, Field Service Professional Training, helps new and seasoned pool operators and service professionals become masters at routine pool maintenance. The course shows how to effectively perform routine maintenance on residential and commercial swimming pools and spas. Created by the nonprofit National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF), the training is loaded with how-to videos, providing interactive learning about circulation systems, filters, chemical dosing systems, heaters, cleaning and vacuuming systems, automatic controllers and acid washing.

There are three to four videos in each learning section, such as, “How to clean the hair and lint strainer” and “How to perform a backwash.” The online course also includes 13 maintenance checklists that can be used at each job site, plus a 38-page printable resource guide. The cost is $55 per student for each course, and includes access to the online training for six months once purchased. Those interested can register for the Field Service Professional Training course at www.nspf.org by clicking on "aquatic training courses," emailing [email protected] or calling 719.540.9119.

NSPF surveyed its instructors and service professionals who have been certified by the CPO certification course, those who have passed the Pool Operator Primer online course, and people who have taken NSPF’s newer Basics courses on pool care and water chemistry. Many requested a “next-level training” with a how-to online course that trains on the fieldwork of pool and spa maintenance.