NSPF Publishes New Edition of Handbook

2011 version includes updates on new regulations

The newly published 2011 edition of the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) Pool & Spa Operator Handbook is now available for purchase in English and Spanish with both English and metric units. Important updates to the 2011 version are found in the Appendix C Addendum, including the most current information on the P&SS Act, ADA regulations, the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) overview and a list of all regulations.

The manual includes information important to operators, health officials, service technicians, retailers, property managers, manufacturers and other professionals involved in the aquatics industry. The handbook is also a teaching tool used by NSPF instructors when they conduct the Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO) certification training (including the traditional two-day classroom training and Pool Operator Fusion, which is the one-day class after students have completed the online Pool Operator Primer).

Many critical safety topics are addressed in this resource for the recreational water industry, including drowning prevention, suction entrapment, evisceration, diving accidents, electrocutions, chemical hazards, slips and falls and recreational water illness. Fresh information about regulatory agencies and guidelines, disinfection, water balance, water problems, troubleshooting, chemical testing and record keeping, chemical feed and control technology also is included.

The format provides color and imagery throughout, as well as color-coded pages, a keyword index and more. Orders for the 2011 NSPF Pool & Spa Operator Handbook and other NSPF educational products may be placed on the secure website, www.nspf.org, or by calling 719.540.9119. The price of each English handbook remains $59.95 plus shipping; Spanish books remain $69.95 plus shipping.

“The NSPF handbook is unique because we edit and update it every year. This places the latest information on people’s fingertips,” said Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D., CEO of NSPF. “The appendix has the most up-to-date information on key topics and regulations; we included the P&SS Act information to continue to educate professionals who can help to prevent entrapment.”

“For every handbook purchased, every online course enrolled in, every seminar watched online, the NSPF board invests dollars into science-based research to help protect mankind and to further refine our educational materials,” said John Puetz, board president. “This approach fulfills our strategy to provide healthy pools and encourage healthy bodies through aquatic exercise.”

National Swimming Pool Foundation

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