Jun 18, 2007

Ohio City Issues Warning After Nitrate Found in Water

The Fremont Water Treatment Plant issued advisory warnings to the residents of Fremont, Ohio, after the area water tested positive for nitrate contamination.

According to the Toledo Blade, the water samples collected showed nitrate levels of 13.2 milligrams per liter, which exceeded the maximum level of 10 milligrams per liter.

Nitrate in drinking water can cause a serious health threat for women that are pregnant or nursing, as well as infants younger than six months.

An Ohio EPA spokesman told residents not to boil water, because it in creases nitrate levels, and also should not use tap water to make infant formula.

The EPA reported that the water in the area is safe to drink for everyone except infants and pregnant or nursing women.

Stephen Lamale, the assistant superintendent of the treatment plant, told Toledo Blade that the plant is investigating the cause of the contamination. However, Lamale speculates that the lawn and form fertilizes south of Fremont enter the drinking water via storm water.

Now that the city has found the contamination, the city is required to test the water on a weekly basis until the nitrate level ends up below 8 milligrams per liter.