Aug 19, 2010

Ohio EPA, Camden Working to Solve Drinking Water Concerns

Agency responding to concerns about road salt and associated contaminants in village’s drinking water wells

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will participate in a Camden village council meeting beginning at 6 p.m. on Aug. 19, 2010, to discuss how the Agency is responding to concerns about high levels of road salt and associated contaminants in the village’s drinking water wells as well as searching for an alternative drinking water source.

In early August, Camden officials contacted Ohio EPA to let the Agency know that residents were complaining about the taste of the village’s water and that one of three drinking water wells had high levels of salt. The Agency responded by contacting Rod Good, according to a release issued by Ohio EPA. Good had been notified in August 2009 that large salt piles on his property posed a potential threat to the village’s drinking water and runoff from these piles also could contaminate surface streams. The salt is owned by Cargill Inc. and Central Salt.

In addition to overland runoff, a field tile drained some of the salty water to a nearby stream bed that is dry during part of the year. Much of the moisture that falls into the stream during summer months percolates into the ground and subsequently the aquifer.

Providing safe drinking water is the priority. Currently, the village is able to produce potable water from two of its three wells. The Agency and the village are focused on protecting the wells, or finding another source of drinking water, either by drilling new wells or connecting the village to another public water system.

Ohio EPA will release more information about the investigation as it becomes available.