Ondeo Degremont Receives Frost & Sullivan Award

Ondeo Degremont received the Frost & Sullivan Customer Recognition Award for Superior Technological Skills, Knowledge, & Product Innovation. According to Frost & Sullivan, Ondeo Degremont "has demonstrated technology leadership by excelling in all stages of the technology life cycle–incubation, adaptation, take-up and maturity–to ensure a continuous flow of improvements." Ondeo Degremont was specifically recognized for its superior R&D capabilities and original product innovation.

To select the recipient of this award, Frost & Sullivan conducted in-depth interviews with more than 150 water and wastewater treatment facilities. The interviewees were primarily operations and maintenance personnel, purchasing managers, and supervisors. They were asked to rank companies on the basis of customer service, price, product quality, reliability, technological skills and delivery time. The treatment plant data was backed through interviews with consulting engineers.

Frost & Sullivan

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