Aug 21, 2015

Online Course Offers Home Pool Safety Tips

The course is designed for pool owners and visitors

National Swimming Pool Foundation home pool essentials course

Pool owners and visitors can use the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s (NSPF) online learning course, Home Pool Essentials (HPE), to keep backyard pools safer and help reduce drownings.

The No. 2 cause of death among 1 to 14 year olds is drowning, the majority occurring in home swimming pools. The American Red Cross and NSPF offer the HPE online course, which informs the correct way to maintain backyard pools and keep the aquatic area safer for all swimmers—young and old.

This $19.95 course is ideal for new pool owners, frequent pool visitors and seasoned owners. This two-hour course covers the following:

  • Preventing pool accidents;
  • Responding to an aquatic emergency;
  • Maintaining a pool and/or hot tub; and
  • Proper chemical balances.

The Water Quality and Health Council paired with NSPF earlier this summer to break the myth of red eyes—that pee is the real culprit, not chlorine. HPE, which includes a 30-page reference guide, goes into detail on how to maintain accurate chemical balances for pools and instructs how to properly disinfect a pool after a bodily fluid accident. Green pool water and green hair can be an issue during the summer months too, and HPE references solutions to these problems.

After learning about proper pool care, pool owners can save both money and time in the long run. HPE is more than just pool maintenance; the course provides advice and tips to keep pool areas safer and the opportunity to save a life by keeping the danger at bay from the beginning.