Onsite Chemical Generators Deployed to Philippines

Operation Blessing Intl. deploys safe drinking water technology for Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts

Miox Corp. Operation Blessing Intl. Typhoon Hiyan Chemical Generators

MIOX Corp. has partnered with Operation Blessing Intl. (OBI), one of the largest charities in America, for disaster relief efforts in the Philippines following Super Typhoon Haiyan.

OBI deployed six MIOX BPS portable sodium hypochlorite generators and one SANILEC 6 sodium hypochlorite generator to the Philippines. The seven clean water treatment technologies have the combined capacity to treat approximately 500,000 gal of water each day, providing safe drinking water in life-threatening conditions.

OBI President, Bill Horan, confirms lack of safe drinking water is one of the biggest problems facing the relief efforts. With raw sewage overflowing as a result of the typhoon, water supplies are contaminated.

OBI VP of International Operations, David Darg, is on the ground in Tacloban, Philippines preparing for the arrival of the portable sodium hypochlorite water treatment systems. David, who has been a first responder to over 100 natural disasters globally, says the level of suffering in the Philippines is among the worst he has ever witnessed.

"There's a tremendous amount of aid that is ready to pour into the country, but the port was destroyed and the local infrastructure severely damaged," said Darg. "This is making the transportation of aid to the hardest hit areas near impossible."

According to Darg, the most important thing right now is to provide clean water.

MIOX Corp.

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