Orange County Water District Supports Environmental Bond Issue

The Orange County Water District (OCWD) Board of Directors last week voted unanimously in support of Proposition 50, which will be on the November 2002 ballot.

If passed, Proposition 50 -- "Californians for Clean Water and Coastal Protection" will reduce water pollution, protect drinking water quality, clean up beach pollution and ensure a stable, reliable, secure water supply for California.

"In an arid region like Southern California, it is important we look out for the future of our citizens by supporting ballot measures that will help fund programs that will benefit our grandchildren and great grandchildren," said Jerry A. King, OCWD board president.

"Proposition 50 will provide funding opportunities to help Orange County Water District gain new water supplies, expand water projects that help the environment and address aging infrastructure."

Orange County Water District is responsible for maintaining the groundwater basin that provides more than half of the water Orange County residents receive. Proposition 50 will help California water agencies by providing the opportunity to fund programs to clean up contaminated water supplies, replace outdated equipment with state-of-the-art technologies to better utilize existing water supplies and develop new sources of water, including recycling, conservation, water reclamation and desalination.

It will also provide the opportunity to enhance the environment and naturally purify our water sources. The bond also provides grant opportunities to help OCWD increase security for our water distribution systems, clean our beaches and protect endangered species.

The Orange County Water District is a special water agency created by the California Legislature in 1933 to maintain and manage the huge groundwater basin under northern Orange County. The groundwater basin managed by OCWD supplies 75 percent of the water needs to more than 2 million area residents.

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