Pacific Ozone Extends Trade Mission to South America

Company offers ozone technology to new markets

Pacific Ozone, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s U.S. Commercial Service, recently completed a Trade Mission in a joint effort to expand exports of U.S. developed and manufactured advanced clean technologies. The goal was to expand the reach of advanced ozone technology that has been pioneered in the U.S. for industrial applications such as food safety, water treatment and disinfection processes to key South American markets.

Ozone technology is a well-known and proven method for disinfection of water and is increasingly being adapted for a variety of industrial processes in food, beverage, biotech and pharmaceutical applications. The pioneering of the rapidly growing industrial ozone segment is being led by several U.S.-based small businesses that have in recent years commercialized ozone equipment to be used in place of, or to compliment, traditional chemical- and heat-based disinfection and oxidation practices.

Elizabeth Krauth of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration supported the coordinated operation, which has provided market intelligence, business-matching services and export credit insurance in several countries, including Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and Spain for Pacific Ozone.

“Exports account for 40% of our revenue, and demand is increasing outside the U.S. Our international customers want the benefits of the latest clean technology from the U.S. and the U.S. Commercial Service has been instrumental in supporting the global expansion of Pacific Ozone,” said Chris Rombach, president of Pacific Ozone.

Clean technology industrial ozone solutions encompass disinfection, sanitization and clean- in-place in pure water systems used for cosmetics, biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing; ozone for disinfection and food safety in beverage packaging, meat, poultry and seafood packing, and surface sanitation in food processing; commercial laundry, brewing and winemaking.

“While the company’s business has steadily grown since the downturn, the focus on exporting our innovative industrial technology developed and manufactured in the U.S. will allow us to create more ‘clean-tech’ jobs at Pacific Ozone’s Benicia, Calif., headquarters and manufacturing plant,” Rombach said.

Pacific Ozone Technology Inc.

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