Mar 03, 2014

Pacific Ozone, Gusmer Partner to Save Water

Gusmer and Pacific Ozone will addressthe changing disinfection needs within the beverage industry

Pacific Ozone Gusmer Enterprises Disinfection Beverage Industry

Pacific Ozone announced a collaborative partnership with Gusmer Enterprises to bring water saving solutions to the beverage industry.

Gusmer Enterprises is a manufacturer and supplier to the beverage industry. It delivers high-quality goods and services available for equipment, fermentation, filtration, processing aids, laboratory tools, and now, advanced disinfection with ozone technology.

Pacific Ozone is a manufacturer of industrial air-cooled corona discharge ozone generators and integrated ozone contacting systems. In addition to ozone products, it offers system integration, engineering support and technical service to meet the needs of the beverage and other industries.

Together, Gusmer and Pacific Ozone plan to address the changing disinfection needs of brewing, winemaking, distilling and juice processing with advanced disinfection solutions that save water, time and money. “Now it is more important than ever to help beverage manufactures address urgent requirements to improve safety and processing efficiencies while reducing water and energy usage,” said Brian Lowe, sales manager for Pacific Ozone.  

Gusmer is offering complete ozone product solutions from Pacific Ozone, including the PC series of portable ozone generator carts and compact ozone process skids. Known for efficient output, high concentration and precision-controlled application of ozone solution, the PC carts and ozone process skids are ideal for barrel washing, tank sanitization, surface disinfection, and clean-in-place of tanks and piping. Ozone-based solutions also are being utilized in a growing range of food and beverage applications, including dairy processing.