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Pacific Ozone is a leading supplier of air-cooled, corona discharge ozone generators and integrated ozone contacting systems. In addition to ozone products, Pacific Ozone offers ozone technology support and technical services to provide application specific solutions. With thousands of parts in stock and over 6500 installations worldwide, Pacific Ozone stands ready to help you achieve your ozone equipment requirements.


6160 Egret Court
Benicia, CA 94510
United States
Phone: 707-747-9600
Fax: 707-747-9209

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Pacific Ozone Announces Partnership With CHEMetrics

Pacific Ozone has announced a collaborative partnership with CHEMetrics to bring a lower cost and more accurate dissolved ozone residual test solution to the bottled...
Pacific Ozone Gusmer Enterprises Disinfection Beverage Industry

Pacific Ozone, Gusmer Partner to Save Water

Pacific Ozone announced a collaborative partnership with Gusmer Enterprises to bring water saving solutions to the beverage industry. Gusmer Enterprises is a...
pacific ozone_industrial disinfection systems

Easy-to-Use Ozone Systems Provide Disinfection for Industrial Applications

Pacific Ozone expanded its precision control in-line pressurized ozone systems for bottled water, beverage, pure water systems and other industrial ozone disinfection...

Perfecting the Tomato Plant

Each day 150 big rigs, each pulling two large containers of tomatoes, rumble through a rural California town to the local tomato processing plant. From July to September...

Ozone Regulations

Ozone, O3, a triatomic gaseous form of oxygen, is an unstable molecule that is naturally occurring in nature. It is known as the world’s most powerful commercially...

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