May 05, 2011

Palintest Acquires Wagtech Water Technology Div.

Division will continue to manufacture water testing kits

Water analysis technology company Palintest Ltd. has expanded its global reach and operations with the acquisition of the Water Technology Div. of Wagtech Intl. Ltd.

The Wagtech Water Technology Div. (WTD) will operate as a newly formed, standalone business unit within the Palintest organization. It will continue to focus on the manufacture and supply of portable water testing kits and products for field use.

The new Wagtech WTD business unit will be headed by Neil Wrigglesworth, who together with Tom Aylward has transferred from Wagtech Intl. According to Palintest, their knowledge and expertise of the product ranges and markets will ensure a smooth transition of the business, ensuring customers will continue to receive the high levels of service provision they have come to expect.