Jun 27, 2016

Pall Corp. Introduces New Mobile Water Treatment Portfolio

Aria FAST, Impro FAST suited for rapid response or permanent installation

Water treatment portfolio, Pall Corp.

Pall Corp. recently introduced its new portfolio of mobile water treatment products. The water treatment solutions include the Aria FAST and Impro FAST products, which can be rapidly deployed to ensure the continuity of safe, reliable water production for communities and industries around the world.

"Whether in need of supplemental water capacity or for emergency response, plant managers and city officials alike require reliable water treatment solutions that can be implemented quickly and easily," said Lisa Marchewka, vice president of global strategic marketing for Pall’s water division. "Aria FAST and Impro FAST units perfectly meet these needs using modular membrane designs combined with intelligent controls."

Aria FAST modular, low-pressure membrane units provide reliable water quality under variable conditions. Capable of producing water within four hours of arrival on site, the units are suited for emergency situations in both municipal and industrial water applications. They use membrane technology to change discharge water, groundwater, surface water or secondary effluent into water that is free from suspended solids and harmful bacteria.

While ideally suited for preplanned maintenance shutdowns or emergencies, Aria FAST systems also can be implemented as permanent solutions. Modular assets are available for purchase or long-term lease to deliver membrane filtration without the expense of civil works.

“Pall's membrane systems were instrumental in meeting Monmouth County's [N.J.] massive demand for water in the summer months," said Jordan Spitzer, production supervisor for New Jersey American Water. "The Aria FAST units were a huge help, especially in July, when capacity needs are nearly triple that of the winter months and provided us with an extra 4 million gal of water per day.”

Aria FAST mobile water units can treat up to 1 million gal per day of impaired water. Multiple units can be combined to increase output and controlled by a master control panel. They are designed as pretreatment for Impro FAST systems, a maximum performance reverse osmosis (RO) technology.

The Impro FAST mobile water treatment solutions use closed circuit desalination (CCD) RO technology from Desalitech. They have the flexibility to treat a range of incoming feeds for diverse applications from boiler or cooling tower makeup to brackish water desalination to municipal wastewater reuse. Operating at maximum recovery rates, these units can reduce waste by 50% to 75% and energy by as much as 30% while avoiding membrane fouling and scaling, even in challenging feed waters. The mobile water units can deliver up to 700 gal per minute of high-purity permeate. Additionally, this membrane platform automatically monitors and controls system performance to ensure optimal operation with minimal downtime.