Pall Systems Provide Pure Water for Food Processing

Food processors must know with certainty that their process water is of consistent quality to ensure our favorite brands of beer, soda or canned soup taste the same whether they're made in Boulder or Pittsburgh. Pall Corporation's Aria(SM) Water Treatment System and Septra(R) CB water filtration systems remove contaminants from incoming and process water to levels exceeding standards set by both the FDA and EPA for water quality. And now, they are the only ones to provide real-time confirmation of water filtration performance. This timely information is vital to continuous production of products that meet specifications.

Filter process validation has long been a requirement of the pharmaceutical industry. Pall is now applying its extensive experience with filter validation in this highly regulated industry to provide an important new tool for food and beverage production. This is yet another example of the company's ability to leverage its technologies and experiences to answer unmet customer needs. The company will introduce this new capability at the World Wide Food Expo's Food, Dairy and Beverage Exposition in Chicago today.

"Both the Aria Water Treatment System and Septra CB filter deliver a higher, verifiable standard of water quality for the food industry," said Wolfgang Platz, Vice President of Pall Corporation. "This new level of quality control enables manufacturers to secure their processes, safeguard their products and reduce operating costs."

The Aria Water Treatment System delivers pure water at the highest flow rates in the industry. The 0.1 micron hollow fiber modules consistently remove parasites, fine particles and bacteria such as E. coli. The Aria Water Treatment system enables food and beverage producers to eliminate or minimize the risks associated with water from a wide range of sources. It can also be applied to help plant owners cope with the problem of water scarcity by transforming plant wastewater into a reusable resource.

The Septra CB filter can be used as a high production, last chance guard filter to protect against the passage of parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia, as well as particles. The Septra CB filter is the only integrity testable high flow cartridge.

The Aria Water Treatment System and Septra CB filter are on display at the World Wide Food Expo's Food, Dairy & Beverage Exposition at Pall's booth # S8656, October 29-November 1, 2003, Chicago, Illinois. Pall is also showcasing technologies that enable food and beverage producers to more effectively produce sweeteners and flavors, as well as filter carbon dioxide and steam. Products such as Ultipleat(R) High Flow filter, Magnum Series filter elements and the Profile(R) Coreless filter complement the Aria Water Treatment System and Septra CB filter to maximize production, reduce waste and lower operating and maintenance costs.

Pall Corporation

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