Jun 30, 2016

Partners to Build Desalination Plant in Mexico

Region surrounding municipality of Playas de Rosarito faces water stress

Mexico, desalination plant

The Secretariat of Infrastructure and Urban Development of the Mexican State of Baja California and the State Commission for Water announced a decision in favor of a consortium consisting of SUEZ, NSC Water and NuWater to design, equip, operate and finance a new desalination plant. The plant will be built in the municipality of Playas de Rosarito, Mexico, and will address the issue of water stress in the region.

The plant will be built in two stages. First, building will begin in 2017 with a goal to produce nearly 190,000 cu meters of drinking water per day in three years. The second phase will begin in 2019 with a goal to double drinking water output by 2024, reaching a total capacity of 380,000 cu meters per day.

The agreement will provide for the operation of the plant for 37 years. The project will secure drinking water supplies in the coastal region of Baja California and use resources that are already available (e.g., seawater is made fit for consumption using the reverse osmosis desalination technology). It also will offer an innovative public‐private partnership business model.