Partnership Provides Water Filters in South Africa

WWIF South Africa and the Unlimited Child install Biosand filters in South African preschools

WWIF Cape Town South Africa Biosand Filters The Unlimited Child

In a two- to three-day effort spearheaded by Ken Lister and Robin Tindall, with support from the local H2O Intl. Durban branch and Cape Town, South Africa-based H2O Intl. SA, several crèches (preschools for the underprivileged) in the KwaZulu Natal area received biosand filters, positively impacting the daily lives of several hundred children.

The Unlimited Child is a South African nonprofit organization promoting early childhood development by providing educational toys and caregiver training to underprivileged areas. Its goal is to reach 1.25 million children throughout South Africa by 2016.

The work between the Unlimited Child and Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF) South Africa will continue with support from WWIF and its partners.

Wishing Well International Foundation

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