Penn. Suburban Water to Sell 7,000 Acres to Conservation Agency

Philadelphia Suburban Corporation's largest subsidiary, Pennsylvania Suburban Water Company, announced that it has come to an agreement with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to transfer about 9,000 acres of woodlands in Northumberland and Columbia counties to State Forest Lands.

The state will acquire approximately 7,000 acres of watershed land for $4.4 million and Pennsylvania Suburban intends to donate 2,000 acres of remaining land above its water supply reservoirs to the state so it also can be protected in perpetuity as State Forest land.

"We are very pleased with the thought that these precious lands will be protected by the Commonwealth, in perpetuity, for the enjoyment of all Pennsylvanians," said PSC chairman Nicholas DeBenedictis. "Our goal is to ensure the protection of the valuable water resource contained within these woodlands, which will continue to serve the residents of the Roaring Creek watershed. As former Secretary of the Environment in the Commonwealth, I am confident that DCNR views water quality protection as one of the primary functions of its forestlands."

PSC is the holding company for Pennsylvania Suburban Water Company and several other regulated public utilities that provide water to approximately two million residents in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey and Maine.

Philadelphia Suburban

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