Pentair Unveils Innovations at WQA Aquatech USA 2013

Products reflect the future of water treatment for residential, commercial and industrial applications

Pentair WQA Aquatech 2013 Residential Commercial Industrial Innovations

Pentair unveiled its newest innovations in water treatment, which encompass smart technological advancements geared toward improving ease-of-use for customers and reducing environmental footprint. These innovations add to the full scope of Pentair’s product capabilities across residential, commercial and industrial applications. The unveiling took place at the WQA Aquatech USA 2013 show in Indianapolis, the industry’s largest tradeshow in North America.

For the residential space, Pentair has concentrated on developments in its valve and filtration lines. The company has simplified its product selection process within its valves line. The recently launched 5800 valve features the XTR2 controller with one of the largest color touchscreen displays in the industry. The controller is simple, intuitive and reliable, and offers the same foundational features as the XTR electronic controller. In addition, the modularity of the valve allows for several electronic options, including the LXT, SXT and XTR2 to be offered on one valve. As a result, customers will see lower carrying costs.

The company also unveiled the new Pentek DFX Series Diamond Flow filter cartridges, which consist of a polypropylene cartridge fused with a high-quality carbon block. The combination of both sediment and carbon cartridge needs into one filter reduces the amount of space used under a sink and saves the consumer money. The product also helps to save the installer time, as there is one less cartridge to change.

For the commercial market segment, Pentair is featuring its Hybrid DI system with Crosscharge technology, a capacitive deionization system used for commercial water treatment. It is able to deliver the combined benefits of reverse osmosis water and softened water without the use of salt. The system also features an intuitive, touchscreen controller that monitors its complex functions in an easy-to-understand interface. Because of the electrochemical process, there is only a once-per-year maintenance requirement, which makes the customer’s management of the product more efficient. Products can only be identified as having this technology inside when the Pentair Crosscharge logo appears on it.

Pentair Everpure is displaying the new Everpure 2CLM and 2CLM-S and the Eltek Water Block, three of its five new innovations to be featured at the show, which are sold within the office coffee and water market segment. Both the 2CLM and 2CLM-S filter cartridges were created to reduce chloromines, which have a negative impact on the taste of water and coffee. The 2CLM-S comes with the added benefit of scale reduction that protects brewing equipment from potentially damaging limescale buildup. These quick-change filters fit existing Everpure filter heads. The compact, high-performance designs meet the specific needs of the office coffee and water market segment, offering customers a cost-efficient solution for chloramine reduction.

The company also launched the Eltek Water Block, an overflow safety device for office coffee and water applications. The operator sets the device to control the maximum consumption of water between 5 and 50 liters - whatever is needed to support a piece of water-using equipment. Its function is to measure the number of liters of water that have passed through it. If the quantity exceeds the set value, the Water Block stops the flow to prevent flooding and keeps this safety condition until an operator resets the device. It is cost-effective insurance, providing office flood protection for about the cost of a coffee air pot.

Pentair also has expanded its portfolio of products to include a robust industrial filtration line. These products cover the full range of industrial filtration needs for water and fluids. 


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