Pepsi to Expand Aquafina Range in India

Pepsi Foods is expanding the range of its bottled water brand Aquafina in India. The cola is introducing a 2-liter size for Aquafina, along with its existing 0.5 and one-liter bottles. Pepsi is also expanding its cola range by introducing a one liter bottle.

To start with, Pepsi is introducing new 2 liter Aquafina in southern India covering, Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichi, Chennai, Bangalore and Kerala. After the southern launch, the new size will be introduced in the northern market. The 2-liter Aquafina has been priced at Rs 18.

The company officials said the brand Aquafina had a good growth this summer and the volume has attained the critical mass to justify expansion of the range.

They added that the new size of Aquafina Pepsi would target both the home segment and individuals (basically carrying for a long journey purpose). However, for Aquafina, Pepsi does not have any plan to enter the larger segment of bottled water like Bisleri and Coca-Cola’s Kinley.

Pepsi is also increasing its cola range by introducing one liter bottle. At present, it’s being launched in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. If the response is successful, Pepsi will do a countrywide launch for one liter cola bottle to be priced around Rs 27-28.

Company officials added that the objective was to add one more price points to its cola range to garner more market share.

Times of India

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