Permits for New N.C. Wastewater Project Coming

Construction permits on the New Bern, N.C. new wastewater treatment project may be issued soon, according to New Bern city engineer David Muse .

"We're expecting permits in the next couple of weeks," he said earlier this week in a statement.

The new wastewater treatment center will handle pumping treated sewage from the plant to the old Martin Marietta quarry as part of a reuse system.

Plans call for the water to be used on a nearby turf farm, with other potential uses being cooling systems for industry or golf courses. Another byproduct of the new system will be a substance similar to peat moss that can be used in land application or possibly sold as a fertilizer.

The state of North Carolina announced a $2.5 million grant for New Bern for use in wastewater treatment improvements. Muse said the money had been previously promised to the city, but had to be officially renewed. Muse said the money was part of $3 million the city is receiving from the state for the project.


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