Aug 02, 2019

PFAS Detected in Bottled Water

 Bottled water produced before July 22 should not be consumed by pregnant women

 Bottled water produced before July 22 should not be consumed by pregnant women

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) were detected in bottled water at the Spring Hill Dairy Farm in Haverhill, Mass. 

According to SouthCoast Today, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) issued an advisory recommending pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants not drink bottled water produced before July 22. Research shows exposure to PFAS is linked to changes in thyroid, liver and kidney function, and hormone levels, according to DPH. Spring Dairy’s water testing has not exceeded standards and its permit is currently in good standing.

The DPH released a list of where Spring Hill bottled water is being sold. According to SouthCoast Today, consumers can check the labels for the Spring Hill water. Water beyond July 24 has been filtered. The Spring Hill water sold that was labeled “distilled, purified, or fluorinated” do not contain PFAS. According to SouthCoast Today, Spring Hill Farm installed a filtration system July 22 to remove contaminants, while working with the DPH.

“PFAS is not one of the chemicals sampled on a regular basis, like nitrites and nitrates from fertilizers and erosion, microbial contaminants such as coliform bacteria, and other chemicals and mixtures such as perchlorate, organic compounds, radium, copper, lead and more,” said Terry Sullivan, director of public utilities in Fall River said to SouthCoast Today.