Feb 09, 2011

P&G Safe Drinking Water Program Provides Third Billionth Liter of Clean Drinking Water

Program distributes PUR water purification packets to countries in developing world

The Procter & Gamble (P&G) Children's Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program has provided 3 billion liters of clean drinking water in the developing world through the distribution of 300 million PUR packets. With the help of global health organizations World Vision and PSI, P&G was able to distribute the third billionth liter to a family in Rwanda, the latest country where the P&G CSDW Program is operating.

Dr. Greg Allgood, CSDW Program Director, provided the PUR packets that surpassed the 3-billion-liter milestone to Claudine and Simon Ngendahimana, a family of subsistence farmers in the southern Rwandan village of Mirama.

"This is a great milestone for the P&G CSDW Program and our partners because we're helping to improve the lives of millions of people by providing clean water—hard-working people like Claudine, Simon and their children," Allgood said. "Unclean water is a cause of frequent infections for Claudine and Simon that cause a lot of suffering and send them to the clinic nearly every month. Their children also frequently have diarrhea from the unsafe water, and the PUR packets offer a way to help the entire family to be healthy."

PSI and World Vision are two of the many partners that have aided the rapid expansion of the P&G CSDW Program. The first billionth liter of clean water was provided following more than four years of effort, the second billionth liter came two years later and just ten months after that the third billionth liter was provided. This rapid growth over the past year was spurred by several large responses by the CSDW Program and partners to provide clean drinking water to Pakistan flood survivors (280 million liters), Haiti earthquake relief efforts and the subsequent cholera outbreak (140 million liters) and the expansion of the program to Afghanistan, Cambodia, Namibia and Rwanda.

P&G recently announced a goal to provide more than two billion liters every year in order to save an estimated one life every hour by the year 2020. The P&G CSDW Program focuses on raising awareness of the global clean drinking water crisis and providing clean drinking water using PUR packets, a water purification product developed by P&G in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.