PG&E Ordered to Provide Clean Water to Hinkley Residents

Company will provide for all water needs of residents with wells contaminated with chromium-6

The Lahontan Regional Quality Control Board issued an order to Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to provide for all the water needs of Hinkley, Calif., residents whose water wells are contaminated with chromium-6, Redlands Daily Facts reported.

PG&E already provides bottled water for drinking water at 80 locations in the town, but now will have to provide for all washing, cooking and bathing needs as well. The company will be given a “reasonable time period” to determine how to provide the clean water.

Samples taken from water wells thought to be outside of the contaminated plume recently showed high levels of chromium-6, which could indicate that the plume is expanding more quickly than originally thought. PG&E has plans underway to remediate the contaminated water in the plume.

Relands Daily Facts

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