Photometer Provides Easy-to-Use Testing Procedure

its exact micro 20 photometer

The eXact Micro 20 dual-wavelength photometer features quality design and engineering with the latest patented technologies to deliver sustainable water testing solutions that cost less. It is waterproof (IP-67) and quickly performs onsite testing for more than 30 direct-read water quality parameters without look-up tables. It features a narrow-band wavelength filter for optimal accuracy, long-life LEDs and a built-in cell for ultra performance. Each parameter stores the 20 previous results for a total of more than 600.

This unit self calibrates (no returning it to the manufacturer) and automatically selects the optimal wavelength (525 or 638 nm) for each parameter. Incorporated into the testing procedure is the patented EZ-3 Reagent Delivery Method for streamlined testing for technical and non-technical users. Compliance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, International Organization for Standardization and German Institute for Standardization specifications for chlorine testing attests to the meter’s quality.

The meter is sold in two kits with instructions and reagents.



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