Pikangikum First Nation Declares State of Emergency Due to Lack of Clean Water

Community has ordered 21,000 liters of bottled water

Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo stated his support for the citizens of Pikangikum First Nation in Ontario, Canada, who issued a state of emergency April 15 because the community has no clean drinking water. The state of emergency was declared by Pikangikum First Nation Chief Jonah Strang.

"I fully understand the concern and frustration of Chief Strang and his community on this matter, which has been an issue for many years. I have seen these problems first hand in my travels to First Nation communities,” Atleo said. “Literally thousands of our people are in homes that do not have clean drinking water. Our people are getting sick and at risk of disease. These types of problems should not be happening in a country like Canada. We need action now."

Pikangikum First Nation has ordered a shipment of more than 21,000 liters of bottled water for the community and this is creating a strain on the community finances, which are already limited. According to AFN, more than 116 First Nations currently are living under boil water advisories. The federal government is expected to release in the near future a national engineering assessment on wastewater and water systems in First Nation communities that will provide a more detailed picture of the national scene.

"We want to see action for the people of Pikangikum and all First Nation communities that are struggling to ensure their citizens have access to clean drinking water," Atleo said. "We have made safer and healthier communities one of our priorities in this federal election. We need a clear commitment by the federal government to work with First Nations to deliver on a plan of action for stable and sustainable infrastructure including First Nations water and wastewater systems."


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