Pionetics Ships 1,000th LINX Drinking Water System

Product promises to use less water waste, provide detailed system status and allows custom taste control

A few months ago the Pionetics Corp. introduced the LINX water treatment system. Sales for the LINX Drinking Water System have been going so well, the company just shipped its 1,000th unit.

“The LINX drinking water system represents the first real advancement in the drinking water industry in nearly 30 years,” said H. Martin Jessen, vice president of Pionetics Corp. “The response to the LINX in the marketplace has been so positive we just shipped our 1,000th unit. Consumers are buying up systems as fast as we can ship them.”

The new LINX drinking water system allows for three features. According to the company, it:
• Uses significantly less water waste than reverse osmosis (RO);
• Operates using programmable software and display indicator lights that provide the consumer with detailed system status; and
• Includes Dial-A-Taste control that allows the consumer to customize the taste of their drinking water for more or less mineral content.

In San Diego, LINX distributor Rayne of San Diego has been unable to keep units on the shelves, according to Pionetics.

“These units strike a chord with southern California consumers,” said Bob Hickey, Rayne Corp.’s California regional manager. “When consumers here realize they can buy or lease a unit that is technologically superior to an RO and save significantly more water in the process, they want it.”

In Italy, Culligan of Italy has signed up to be an exclusive LINX distributor.

“When consumers in Europe treat their drinking water, they must leave at least three grains of hardness in the product water,” said Nicola Di Paola, marketing consumer director. “Having a system that allows consumers to dial their water quality is a significant breakthrough. We can finally offer a way for consumers to get great tasting water in their homes, which meets government requirements. We also like the UV feature which provides disinfection benefits.”

Pionetics is currently signing new distributors.

Pionetics Corp.

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