EPA WaterSense Celebrates 10 Years

June 9, 2016

In 10 years, EPA WaterSense has made a considerable impact on U.S. water use by saving more than 1 trillion gal of water—the equivalent of one year of Texas water use.

More than 17,000 products bear the WaterSense label thanks to cooperation from manufacturers and industry organizations. Authorization of the program would declare the savings and the program’s effectiveness on public record. Bills in the House and Senate on Capitol Hill await movement to authorize the program.

That kind of action could do wonders to promote the good the program has provided and to assert the importance of efficient water products, especially during a time of severe drought in California. Homeowners are seeking ways to water their lawns without breaking their allotted cap, and others have their water problems compounded by drinking water contamination.

Finding better ways to conserve water—whether through efficient technology or reuse—is vitally important to areas with depleting water stores, and awareness of that is becoming a global issue, particularly in India where officials are seeking solutions to depleting groundwater sources.

While WaterSense may not directly affect the global market, it does influence manufacturers to keep efficiency in mind. The program is a testament to reaching water efficiency goals through its first 10 years, and that bodes well for the next decade.

How important do you think EPA WaterSense has been? Do you foresee it having an impact on markets outside the U.S.?

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