Apr 08, 2013

Plastic-Mart, Bushman Offer Rain Harvesting Solutions

Bushman product line is currently available on the Plastic-Mart website

Bushman Partners with Plastic-Mart Rainwater Harvesting Products

Plastic-Mart partnered with Bushman USA in the sale of their rainwater systems. The Bushman product line is currently available through drop ship across the country from Temecula, Calif., on the Plastic-Mart website.

Bushman products include rainwater harvesting tanks, water storage tanks, slim line tanks, rain barrels and various kits. The tanks are rotationally molded from ultraviolet-stabilized polyethylene and emphasize aesthetically pleasing colors and design. The round tanks range from 205 to 2,825 gal, and the slim line tanks range from 130 to 530 gal. The rainwater harvesting tanks come complete with an overflow fitting and access port, which provides access for various kits at the top of the tank; a strainer located on the cover to clean collected water; and a bulkhead at the bottom to drain the tank. The water storage round tanks only contain a bulkhead fitting at the top and one at the bottom with a vented manway cover. The slim line feature baffles maintain structural integrity to provide rainwater harvesting where space is limited. The rain barrel line includes 60 gal barrels that come in standard, recycled or strainer versions for water collection. The last group of Bushman products is the accessories: solar pump, first flush key components, flex hose, tri-port auto fill and pump kit.