Feb 17, 2014

President Obama to Lend Support to Drought-Stricken California

President Obama met with local stakeholders and proposed a $1 billion Climate Resilience Fund

NRDC President Obama California Support Drought Climate Resilience Plan

During President Obama’s trip to drought-stricken California, he visited impacted communities, met with local stakeholders and announced new efforts to support the state, including proposing a $1 billion Climate Resilience Fund as part of his federal budget proposal next month. According to reports, the fund will support research, community preparedness and new technologies for building resilient infrastructure.  

Ann Notthoff, director of California advocacy for the Natural Resources Defense Council, issued the following statement:

“California’s message to the president today is loud and clear: We need to work together and take immediate action to respond to this drought. Californians overwhelmingly agree that investing in irrigation technologies, water conservation and recycling, and local water resiliency are among the strategies that will reduce the effects of this drought and will also make California more drought resilient in the future. A federal Climate Resilience Fund will help us meet those goals. State and local funding and planning will also be critical. We look forward to the president and Gov. Brown working together to ensure we’re helping Californians get through the drought today while becoming better prepared for a drier future to come."