Mar 20, 2013

Primozone, Ozone Water Systems Enter Strategic Partnership

Ozone Water Systems will be responsible for the sale, service and promotion of Primozone’s ozone generators

Primozone Ozone Water Systems Strategic Partnership Agreement

Primozone Production AB and Ozone Water Systems Inc. have entered into a strategic partnership agreement for the U.S. Under the terms of the agreement, Ozone Water Systems (OWS) will be responsible for sales, service and promotion of Primozone’s ‘new generation’ ozone generators and accessories.

Primozone ozone generators are built on patented cutting-edge technology that enables ozone production with a very high concentration (20% weight), and smallest equipment footprint commercially available. The GM ozone generators are energy efficient, maintenance free and have a low life cycle cost.

OWS designs, manufactures and services complete ozonation systems and promotes the awareness and understanding of ozone systems and their benefits. OWS’s expertise and global alliances enables them to deliver ozonation designs, systems and services to their customers. Ozone Water Systems keeps their customers’ trust by providing experienced engineering guidance, reliable ozone systems and customer support.