May 25, 2017

WQA Warns of Door-to-Door Scams

Association reiterates importance of using certified products, labs

WQA calls attention to door-to-door scams

The Water Quality Assn. (WQA) called attention to individuals claiming to be employees of WQA going door-to-door passing themselves off as water inspectors, offering to test homeowner’s drinking water, or using scare tactics to sell water treatment devices.

“The Water Quality Assn. does not solicit door-to-door, period. The association represents the water quality industry and does not sell products or solicit to test water for the public,” said WQA Executive Director Pauli Undesser. “WQA has a strict code of ethics for companies that join the association and for manufacturers of water treatment products. We do not condone misrepresentation as WQA or the use of scare tactics to generate business.”

Water treatment professionals who have committed to WQA’s Code of Ethics can be found using WQA’s Find Water Treatment Providers tool.

WQA recommends homeowners have their water tested by a state certified lab. WQA also recommends treatment products have been third-party certified. Consumers can visit WQA’s product certification listings to search WQA’s database of certified products to national standards.