Program to Offer Free Samples of Filtration Technology

Argonide to offer select installations at no charge

Argonide Corp., a Sanford, Fla., company that manufactures ultra-high efficiency water purification filters, has launched a “no charge” sample program to develop new markets. Its goal is to take advantage of the benefits provided by its patented electropositive NanoCeram filtration technology. The Argonide-sponsored program will determine the efficacy and economic benefits of using its pleated filter cartridges in a variety of applications.

NanoCeram is an electropositive non-woven pleated filter with an average 2-micron pore size, which is effective at filtering sub-micron particles at high flow rates. It is used extensively in residential, commercial and industrial water purification. The NanoCeram filter exhibits excellent attributes as a prefilter for other systems, including RO membranes, UV chambers and ion exchange beds. Extremely efficient turbidity reduction and SDI values between 0.5 and 1 provide excellent feedwater quality for such applications.

NanoCeram filters alsoare used in a polishing mode to increase final feedwater quality. As part of a filtration system, this technology can further reduce contaminants such as colloidal solids, organics, viruses, endotoxins and trace pharmaceuticals.

Through this new program, Argonide is seeking to expand its industrial/commercial applications portfolio and is prepared to provide filters at no charge for select installations.

Argonide Corp.

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