Sep 13, 2011

Protect Your Groundwater Day Calls On Individuals to Focus On Water Issues

Second annual PYGD raises awareness of water conservation, contamination prevention

This year Sept. 13 marks Protect Your Groundwater Day (PYGD), which focuses on action to protect and preserve groundwater for human use and the environment. Started by the National Ground Water Assn. (NGWA), PYGD challenges individuals to reconsider what they can do to be a good steward of groundwater.

According to, PYGD uses the acronym ACT to call individuals and communities to action:

Acknowledge the causes of preventable groundwater contamination or waste
• Water well owners should remember that wellheads should be a safe distance from potential contamination
• Septic system malfunctions can pollute groundwater
• Poorly constructed or maintained wells can facilitate contamination
• Improperly abandoned wells can also lead to contamination

Consider which apply to you
• Individuals should ask themselves, What specific hazardous substances are in and around the home? Where do they and their families use the most water?
• Water well owners should consider whether their wellhead is a safe distance from possible contamination. Is your well/septic system due for an inspection? Are there any abandoned wells on your property?

Take action to prevent groundwater contamination
• Everyone should store hazardous household substances in a secure place
• Dispose of hazardous household substances safely
• Modify water use and install a water-saving device
• Move possible contamination sources a safe distance from the wellhead
• Have water well systems and septic systems routinely cleaned and inspected

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