Feb 21, 2013

Protective Coating Earns Highest NSF 61 Rating

VersaFlex's pure polyurea systems for potable water achieve temperature approval rating

 VersaFlex Inc. NSF 61 AquaVers Pure Polyurea Systems

All of VersaFlex Inc.’s specially formulated pure polyurea systems for potable water applications have achieved the highest level of NSF/ANSI 61 Section 5 (2011) approval in the polyurea industry.

The AquaVers line of pure polyurea systems for potable water application qualified as a polyurea interior/lining barrier system for tanks, vessels, storage containers and pipes that are used for potable/drinking water. The product line includes the aromatic system (AquaVers 405), the aliphatic system (AquaVers 201) and the aromatic structural system (AquaVers 415). These polyurea systems qualified with and without their CrobeFlex anti-microbial additive. AquaVers 20 Primer may also be used in conjunction with the coatings.

NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects is the standard that establishes minimum health effects requirements for materials, components, products or systems that contact drinking water, drinking water treatment chemicals or both. Section 5 of the standard covers specific requirements for protective barrier materials/products, such as sealers, coatings, paint, primer, mortar, Portland cements, cement ad-mixtures, etc.

The AquaVers polyurea systems not only qualified to meet the requirements of the standard in cold water use (23°C), but the the AquaVers 201 and Aquavers 405 also were tested and qualified for potable water usage in high-temperature applications up to 60°C +/- 2°C (140° F).

The coating systems also have a superior rating for minimum vessel (tank) size and no limits on the maximum thickness the coating may be applied. For the AquaVers 201, minimal tank size is 50 gal; for the Aquavers 405, minimal tank size is 1,000 gal; and the AquaVers 415 (23°C only), minimal tank size is 5,000 gal.