Pump Sales Forecast in the Billions

The market for industrial pumps will rise from $27 billion this year to $31 billion in 2007. This is the new forecast displayed in the online Pumps: World Markets report published by the McIlvaine Co.

There are more than 10,000 pump companies manufacturing pumps with flows of a fraction of a gallon per minute (gpm) to more than 500,000 gpm. Centrifugal pumps generate 73% of the revenues. Diaphragm pumps generate 9% of the revenues and the rest is split between reciprocating and rotary designs.

Many industries are purchasers, however, municipal wastewater plants are the largest segment. In 2007, sales of these pumps to move sewage to treatment plants and then through the treatment process and finally to move clean water back to the waterway will reach $6.8 billion.

Municipal water supply (drinking water) is the second largest segment, followed by the chemical industry in third place while refineries are the fourth largest segment, followed by power, and oil and gas.

China is the fastest growing market and the growth rate will be twice that of the total market.

Additionally, the power and wastewater sectors will be particularly strong.

The U.S. market will benefit from a turnaround in the electronics industry and the requirement for power plants to install scrubbers. Pumps for scrubbers will boost the power market in the U.S. by nearly 10%.

Pumps: World Markets matches its historical revenue estimates with the aggregate of the sales by individual suppliers. The industry is fragmented as there are more than 10,000 companies supplying pumps. Result found that ITT is the largest with sales of $1.7 billion.

Below, the top 10 are as follows:

1. ITT $1701M

2. Flowserve $1030.5M

3. Grundfos $1010M

4. Ebara $1000M

5. KSB $900M

6. Sulzer $683.2M

7. Weir $609.6M

8. Wilo AG $584M

9. IDEX $427M

10, Pentair $400M

The pump revenues drop quickly as one moves down the ranking from here. Davey Products is #100 on the list with sales of $35 million and Flux is #200 on the list with sales of $15 million. The average sales revenue for the 10,000 companies is $2.7 million.

McIlvaine Co

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