Sep 22, 2015

PUR, Brita Make Recyclable Filtration Components

A new recycling program allows participants to earn points by sending in waste

PUR Brita TerraCycle Brigade recycling water filtration components

PUR and Brita, are helping consumers reduce the impact of plastic bottles on the environment by making their products’ components completely recyclable. Brita and PUR have partnered with TerraCycle to create recycling programs for their pitchers, bottles, filters, dispensers, faucet mounts and all packaging, effectively making the water filtration products 100% waste-free.

For every recyclable Brita water filter used, 300 plastic bottles are saved. Not only is water filtering a more sustainable choice than the use of bottled water, it is more cost effective for consumers as well. PUR filtered water costs an average of 3 cents per liter compared to bottled water, which costs approximately 44 cents per liter.

Brita Filter Recycling Helps Support Charities

Water filter users can also support charities by recycling waste through Brita, PUR and TerraCycle’s Brigade programs. For every piece of waste sent to TerraCycle, participants earn points redeemable for a variety of charitable gifts, product bundles or monetary donations to the non-profit organization or school of their choice.

Those interested in the PUR and Brita recycling programs can sign up for free at Once they have signed up, individuals and organizations can begin collecting their water filter waste in any cardboard box. Collectors download a UPS pre-paid shipping label directly from their accounts and drop boxes off at any UPS store or pick-up site. When TerraCycle receives the water filter waste, the company upcycles or recycles it into a variety of new products.