Apr 30, 2012

Pure Foundation Gives to Wishing Well

Multipure’s Pure Foundation Sponsors Wishing Well International Foundation

Multipure’s Pure Foundation has become a Platinum Sponsor of Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF), strengthening WWIF’s ability to provide safer drinking water to underdeveloped areas around the world.

This contribution fit the Pure Foundation's mission to improve health through education, assistance and water improvement. The contribution provides additional resources for WWIF’s goals to improve drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for the developing world.

Multipure executive vice president and founder of the Pure Foundation, Jennifer Rice, praised the similar aims and goals of the two organizations.

“The Pure Foundation was created as an extension of Multipure’s vision of better water and better health," Rice said. "Our primary goal is to improve the health of children by teaching them about the importance of clean drinking water and by assisting children in obtaining cleaner, more healthful water. Wishing Well International Foundation helps children around the world by providing them with cleaner, safer drinking water, while increasing global knowledge and awareness on the importance of sanitation and hygiene.”

Vice President of Network Marketing Regina Noriega detailed the origins of the Pure Foundation and Jennifer Rice’s personal involvement in its creation and operations.

“Jennifer Rice created this foundation after a personal incident involving her infant son," Noriega said. "She knows that the type and quality of drinking water can have profound effects on children — effects often overlooked by experts and medical professionals. She dedicated the Pure Foundation to educate children and families on drinking water issues and the impact on their health, and is determined to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to benefit from cleaner, safer water.”